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Evocative Announces Investment and Partnership with Fiber Internet Center, Silicon Valley California.

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Evocative is expanding its network and internet services in the Silicon Valley and Los Angeles Markets. San Jose, CA, February 13, 2019 – Evocative, a leading national provider of secure, compliant hybrid and multi-cloud Internet services, today announced that it is investing and partnering with Fiber Internet Center located in Palo Alto, CA. Evocative’s initial minority [...]

An IT Professional’s Guide to Helping Your Company Recover from a Data Breach

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It seems as though every few days we hear about another data breach or cyber-attack. Hackers do not limit their attacks to large enterprises with well-known names. They also take advantage of small companies that often have the most to lose. Since no business is immune from these threats, it is critical that your company has [...]

Preventing a Crisis: 9 Ways to Protect Corporate Data When an Employee Leaves

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Employees leave companies for many different reasons: corporate downsizing, poor performance, to move on to a better job, or a business closing. At most companies, it is the human resources department who takes the lead. The HR manager may ask for the employee’s company-provided laptop but that is usually as far as it goes when it [...]