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Your Data, Empowered.™

A Smarter Way to Direct Connect to the Cloud

With CloudHop™, the client is connected to the cloud service provider via Evocative’s Private network. It removes the multiple hop paths and provides for a direct connection to the Cloud Provider, and reduces network latency dramatically.


As the Internet continues to change, the direct connection will not be impacted. A single connection via CloudHop™ enables end users to obtain low cost latency to any of the Cloud Services providers, and allows for a Multicloud environment.

Direct Network Connectivity with CloudHop™

Evocative is the provider for world-class application driven networks. Only Evocative allows you to directly access your cloud application provider on the same network connection you use for your Internet and location-to-location connectivity. Evocative enables a secure, reliable direct connection to your cloud computing, storage, backup, and  VOIP provider cloud application.


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CloudHop™ by Evocative

CloudHop™ is a revolutionary new way of connecting businesses with cloud application providers. CloudHop™ allows each customer to connect with multiple cloud providers on a private, dedicated network. This direct connection ensures more security, reliability, and unprecedented access than any available method today.

Why CloudHop™ ?

24/7/365 Support

We’ll manage your IT so you don’t have too. Our staff of expert technicians are always available 24/7/365, guaranteeing 100% uptime SLA.

Reduced Latency

Point to point, high-speed, low latency connectivity.

Increased Reliability

Instead of crossing multiple networks, with CloudHop™ all your data is filtered through out Evocative's Network.

Access & Flexibility

flexible Service Level Agreements (SLA) paired with multiple protocols and turnkey options.


Private Secure connectivity with guaranteed network security and performance.


Access to leading cloud providers with either dedicated or blended IP.

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