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Colocation Cabinets

Your Data, Empowered™

Premium Colocation Cabinets

Simplicity in Design, Savings for Our Clients

At Evocative Data Centers, we understand that not all IT loads are created equal, and hybrid solutions are demanded by our clients. Our team will work with you to understand your exact requirements and only then we’ll craft the right solution for you.

Features Regular
Flexible Configurations
N+1 Conditioned UPS Power
2N PDU Distributed Power
Remote Hands
Branch Circuit Monitoring
Biometric, Combination, or Key Lock Security Options
Non-conditioned Power
IP-Based Remote Power Management

We will ensure that our spaces meet your current and future needs.

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High-Density Power & N+1 Cooling

High-Density power infrastructure backed by N+1 UPS system available in a variety of voltage and amperage configurations. We can provide you breakered or metered power.

  • Up to 20 KW of usable data center power per cabinet.
  • Branch circuit monitoring available.
  •  120V, 208V, or 3 Phase circuits available.
  • Voltage responsive  automatic backup generator systems.
  • Hot-aisle and cold-aisle containment options available.
  • Air-side Economization.

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Other Colocation Services

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