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Palo Alto FIC

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Fiber Internet Center (FIC)

If your business is like most, reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity is an absolutely non-negotiable essential for operations and profitability. At our Palo Alto facility Our focus is on the network 24/7. Have your packets delivered faster with our fiber internet service. We operate our own BGP direct peering routers on major peering networks, meaning: We directly trade route information and packets with companies like Google, YouTube, and Microsoft as well as DSL providers and backbones around the world.


In addition to our Palo Alto fiber internet center we have an expanisve data center network across California . Learn more about our Emeryville, San JoseLos Angeles LA1 and Los Angeles LA2 data centers. You can also connect to our data centers in Phoenix, AZPlano, TX; and Reston, VA.

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FIber Internet Center (FIC)
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Evocative provides the same gigabit fiber pipe as the Fortune 500. No DSL. No Cable Modem. No Delay. Supporting speeds of 1, 10, and 40 Gbps.