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Points of Presence

Your Data, Empowered.™
Points of Presence (PoP)

Evocative operates over 30 Points of Presence in geographically diverse markets across the US. Build a durable network reinforced by a reliable and secure fiber pipeline. Minimize your down time by stategically connecting your high-performance infastucture.

Our Lit Buildings

  • Equinix Seattle 2020 5th Ave, Seattle, WA
Northern California
  • Evocative (EM1) 1400 65th Street Suite 150, Emeryville
  • Evocative (SV1) 534 Stockton Ave, San Jose
  • Wave 3080 Raymond, Santa Clara
  • Wave 1555 Plymouth, Mountain View
  • Coresite Market Post Tower, San Jose
  • Coresite Valley Exchange, San Jose
  • Equinix PAIX Internet Exchange, Palo Alto
  • Equinix SV1 (Great Oaks), San Jose
  • Equinix SV2 (Duane), Santa Clara
  • Equinix SV3 (Lundy), San Jose
  • Equinix SV4 (Caspian), Sunnyvale
  • Digital Realty 365 Main, San Francisco
  • Digital Realty 200 Paul, San Francisco
  • Digital Realty 190 Park Center Plaza, San Jose
  • Digital Realty 1700 Richard, Santa Clara
  • Digital Realty 1111 Karlstad, Sunnyvale
  • Digital Realty 1100 Space Park, Santa Clara
  • CenturyLink/Level3 1380 Kifer, Sunnyvale
  • CenturyLink/Qwest 1400 Kifer, Sunnyvale
  • KDWEB 50 W San Fernando, San Jose
  • Rackspace/DataPipe 150 S First, San Jose
Southern California
  • Evocative (LA1) 1200 W. 7th St., Los Angeles
  • Evocative (LA2) 600 W. 7th St., Los Angeles
  • Coresite One Wilshire, Los Angeles
  • Coresite Annex, Los Angeles
  • Evocative PX1 2500 West Union Hills Drive
    Phoenix, AZ
  • Equinix Dallas 1950 N Stemmons Fwy Suite #1034, Dallas, TX
  • Evocative DA1 2500 West Union Hills Drive, Plano, TX
  • Equinix Ashburn 21715 Filigree Court, Ashburn, VA
  • Evocative DC1 1807 Michael Faraday Court, Reston, VA
New York
  •  Equinix New York 60 Hudson St, New York, NY 10036