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Private Cloud

Your Data, Empowered.™

A Private Cloud Dedicated to Your Business

Are you tired of hidden fees? Don’t pay more for the cloud then you have too. At Evocative Data Centers, we understand that not all IT loads are created equal, and hybrid solutions are demanded by our clients. Our Public Cloud and Private Cloud solutions will scale with you. Pay for what you need, when you need it. Nothing more.

Secure & Flexible Single-tenant Cloud Infrastructure

If you’re looking for a service that is as scalable and affordable as the public cloud but on a dedicated network, look no further than Evocative’s Private Cloud. Our single-tenant private cloud is a secure and high-performance environment featuring dedicated computing resources. All of your services and infrastructure will always be maintained on a private network with dedicated hardware and software.

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Private Cloud Features

Increased Flexibility

Highly-customizable cloud environment. Select your very own RAM, CPU, and Disk Space.


Greater Security with non-shared resource environment ( ie. dedicated hardware & software).


Experience the same efficiency and seamless expansion as you would with our public cloud.

Clous Services Public Cloud Private Cloud Bare Metal
Fully Managed
Cost Effective
Increased Reliability
Highly Scalable
Non -shared Environment
Highly Secure
Customizable Cloud Environment
Fully Controlled Full Stack Non-virtualized Environment
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