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Public Cloud

Your Data, Empowered.™

Make the Public Cloud Work for Your Buisness

At Evocative, we understand that in the changing scope of the cloud-enabled world, you have multiple options for your public cloud services. Together, we can help you make changes to your public cloud solutions that will include expenditure control, security management, and the development of a refined Hybrid Solution that will be straight forward and user-friendly.


Regardless of where your public cloud is hosted (AWS, Azure, or GCP), Evocative is here to help you take control of your public cloud. By providing access to our in-depth consultants and custom-built solutions, we will help you optimize that works best for your business, increases your productivity, all the while cutting your cloud costs!

Public Cloud Features

Cost Effective

Save money with ClopHop ™ direct connection.

Increased Reliability

Our one-on-one consultations will ensure you have a high-performance optimized hybrid cloud solution.


Seamless data migrations and security infrastructure.

Managed Cloud

You buy, we'll manage the hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure 24/7/365.

Hosting Services Public Cloud Private Cloud Bare Metal
Fully Managed
Cost Effective
Increased Reliability
Highly Scalable
Non -shared Environment
Highly Secure
Customizable Cloud Environment
Fully Controlled Full Stack Non-virtualized Environment
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