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Silicon Valley Industry Solutions

At Evocative we provide certain services which were not offered by other companies. Not all IT applications are created equal and not every application requires 100% uptime. Evocative’s data centers are designed with the combination of Tier I & III hybrid solutions in mind. Less mission-critical applications include: Testing/QA, Development/Staging, Research and Development, Cold Storage, and much more.

Hybrid IT Solutions

It is vital for organizations to have dedicated space to research, test and try new things. We have addressed this need by focusing on establishing a suitable lab environment by providing cost effective dense power, cooling, and reasonable cross connect solutions which facilitate an environment for maximum research and data analysis. This issue is critical in the tech capital of the world, Silicon Valley, but this is also needed around the world. To best serve our clients in this field, we work hard to equip all of our data centers as research, testing and growth facilities along side mission-critical infrastructure.


The availability of scalable solutions ranging from cabinets to cages to fully customized customized data center suites, allows organizations of all sizes to safely and reliably operate in their ever-changing IT requirements. You can count on us to be your trusted IT Solutions partner.

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IDS Features

Flexible Configuration

From connection to security, our networks are fully customizable. Regardless if you want a DSL or fiber connection, we can custom make public, private, and hybrid solutions for you.

Increased Security

Our Security services in combination with our firewall, VPN, and 24/7/365 NOC surveillance ensure that our clients' data is always secure and protected.

Increased Reliability

Our managed services provide 24/7/365 NOC surveillance and expert remote hands available at a moment's notice. These services increase reliability while taking the hassle and stress out of managing your own IT.

Highly Compliant

Our security infrastructure is designed to protect highly sensitive data. We are HIPAA, IDS, ISAE, SSAE, and PCI DSS compliant all in addition to annual client audits.

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