High Density Data Center Power

High-Density Power

High-Density power infrastructure backed by N+1 UPS system available in a variety of voltage and amperage configurations. We can provide you breakered or metered power.

Receive up to 20 KW of usable data center power per cabinet (equivalent of four 208V-30A power circuits). Note: the redundant (B side) power circuits are not included in this power calculation.

IP-addressable power strips containing ampacity meters viewable at any time on your customer dashboard.

Power Circuits can be deployed in 20/30 Amps 120 or 208V circuits. Metered or Breakered circuits.

Backup generator systems in place in the event of local utility failure. System designed to automatically transition to stand-by diesel generator backup when under-voltage conditions persist.

Power distributed from the UPS through K-rated transformers to local panel distribution panels and branched to computer cabinets.

Phase II data centers will have access to Direct-Grid power for less mission critical lower cost power solutions.

N+1 Data Center Cooling

Evocative redundant cooling infrastructure incorporates all design, engineering and operational best practices to
ensure optimal cooling efficiency.

N+1 Design
For densities over 175 watts/sq. foot.

Air-side Economization
On all air handlers for optimal cooling efficiency.

Hot-aisle, cold-aisle cooling configurations
80-ton chiller water air handlers provide fully redundant climate control.

42 in. deep cabinets
Provides better air flow and cable management
Blanking Panels
Placed in open RU spaces prevent bypass air and hot air recirculation.
Higher than Standard Power/Heat Densities
Requirements are met with cold and/or hot air containment solutions.

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